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We love helping clients turn their dreams into realities!  From interior design to staging, we have you covered.  Let our experienced team help you with your next project!

Now is the time to get your next project going.  Our team will walk along beside you every step of the way.


We love helping you make your home come to life. We offer a wide range of options sure to fit your needs.

There are different types of staging.
Here are a few questions to figure out your needs.

1. Do you need your current furnishings re-arranged and possibly add a few key pieces to complete your home?

We will rearrange and organize your furnishings to optimize the property. If a few key pieces are needed (i.e., accent chair, rug, accessories, etc.) we will advise and assist the homeowner in the purchases. Our goal is to find items at the best price possible! {re}Love will consign or re-consign the purchased furnishings once the property sells. The fee for this type of staging service can vary from a flat rate to an hourly rate, depending on your needs.

2. Do you need your home staged and would like to rent furnishings from {re}Love and the home is vacant?

Furnishings will be chosen and staged by Paige. We offer a flat-rate that would cover staging time, delivery, and picking up the furnishings when the property sells. The rental fee is for a 6-month time-frame and the cost is dependent on the number of rooms that needed to be staged. After 6 months, we would bill a monthly rental fee.

3. Do you need your home staged and the home is being lived in?

We have an assortment of furnishings at great prices and we will find the perfect pieces to help you sell your property. We will sell the furniture to you directly, deliver it, and stage it. Once your home sells we will re-consign the furnishings and pick it up for free (unless the new home buyer wants to buy it from you). *For towels, bedding, art, etc. we will provide these items for a small monthly rental fee..

Interior Design

Need help designing or rearranging a room, house, or commercial space? Paige can help!

We offer a wide variety of design services; floor plans, 3D drawings, finish selections, advice, or even just a little help getting started.

If you don’t live in town or don’t have time for a home visit, email us a list of what you would like done. Include a measured floor plan of your space and the design work can be created and sent digitally.

Consult with Paige Schingen, owner and professional Interior Designer. Set-up a time to meet and discuss your design needs. Call or email Paige at 970.403.8711; reloveconsign@gmail.com


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